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Sean Krajacic, author of Inner Mile, poses for a self portrait in the studio. (I shall continue to refer to myself in third person through the rest of the caption.) Sean works as a photojournalist for the Kenosha News, a daily paper in Southeastern Wisconsin.


This is the first post of my foray into blogging. I never imagined it would be this difficult to start a blog considering I’ve made a living gathering news for a daily paper for more than a decade. Writing about one’s self is a completely different beast. (Although, I have no problem posing in front of my own camera apparently.) The motive driving the desire to create Inner Mile is purely, well, self-serving. Inner Mile will be a platform to share my fitness goals and experiences along with my passion for the the outdoors. I’m hoping it keeps me motivated.

Exercise, the outdoors, and me
Mud runs are great
weekend challenges.

I’m just another Midwestern, middle-aged, fitness enthusiast. Really. I turned 37, recently, and made the realization that my definition of personal fitness has evolved since I was in my 20s. No longer do I harbor the belief that I’m only 10 push-ups away from being the next Calvin Klein underwear model. Gone are the days I expect my biceps to be as big as my head. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure I’m ahead of the curve for my age. Some of my fitness goals include participating in more mud runs, to someday run an ultramarathon and to hit a 40-rep set of pull-ups (I’m currently at 35). Yeah, my biceps will never be as big as my head.

I stay fit for my job and for the outdoors. Backpacking and kayaking are what keep me up at night. I’m an ultralight backpacker and rarely hike less than 150 miles during a trip. The next expedition will span the 324.96-mile Mid State Trail in Pennsylvania. There is no doubt we will see many, many posts during the planning process.

I often kayak along the shore of Lake Michigan and have built my own wood sea kayak (with a great deal of help from a friend), which culminated with an unsupported, 10-day paddle through the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior.

To sum it up

Through Inner Mile I will share my fitness hopes, dreams, fears, successes and failures, and maybe an occasional review on a piece of gear. So, that means I’ll probably be the only one reading this blog – unless I tell my mom about it.

After hiking the 160 miles of the River-to-River Trail in Southern Illinois, one must pour water taken from the Ohio River into the Mississippi River to ward off bad spirits. As an ultralight backpacker, finding a small container for such a tradition can be difficult.
Paddling the sea caves at the Apostle Islands in my wood kayak.
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